Measuring treatment results.

"We measure inflammation markers and telomere length both pre and post treatment. We also follow up with patients at 3, 6, 9 and 12 month mark intervals with vitality questionnaires. These are extremely important because they enable us to measure patient satisfaction in relation to treatment efficacy." - Louis A. Cona, MD

Treatment results

We only offer treatments for conditions that have medical research backing positive results and no harmful side effects. Dozens of studies have shown the efficacy of stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases, and we have had great success from our past patients. Patients normally experience an increase in mobility, feeling, balance, strength & energy along with a reduction in stress and pain levels.

However, it is impossible to guarantee any specific result for an individual, as every person’s body is different and will respond in different ways.

Treatment goals

The stated primary goal of our protocol is the marked reduction in the levels of chronic low-grade inflammation for an extended period of time.

Stem cells have a unique, intrinsic property that attracts them to inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that stem cells can regenerate damaged or diseased tissues, reduce inflammation and modulate the immune system promoting better health and quality of life.

Depending on the primary ailment or initial  condition of the patient, the effects of stem cell therapy can lead to a reduction in harmful symptoms, stabalization of condition and a significant quality of life improvement.


Analyzing patient satisfaction.

Jennifer S.

Age: 36
Multiple Sclerosis
Year Diagnosed: 2009
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"If you are considering this treatment, then strongly consider DVC Stem."

What Jennifer's husband had to say

My wife Jennifer just finished her treatment and wow were we impressed!

The facilities are very clean, the staff is extra friendly, professional, and willing to listen and answer questions. Dr. Cona was awesome as well, he truly believes in these treatments, and his confidence is comforting.

We have been to another stem cell clinic and the two major differences are the amount of cell you receive, and this clinic does viability (number of live cells) testing to verify the number of cells you are receiving.

Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman
Patients with Medical Team

Darren J.

Age: 56
Condition: Parkinson's Disease
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

3-month update:

I have noticed that my speech seems to be better not quite as much stuttering I feel that my left side doesn’t drag when I walk hardly at all now.

David Lyons

Age: 65
Multiple Sclerosis
Year Diagnosed: 2009
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Best clinic for stem cell treatment in the world. The staff is highly skilled and Dr. Lou Cona is a pioneer in his field."

Treatment goals

Although David Lyons was able to successfully fight Multiple Sclerosis through a strict regimen of diet and exercise, he wanted to ensure he was doing everything he could to stay fit.

Multiple Sclerosis can be managed with treatment, but there is currently no cure for the disease. For that reason, David came to DVC Stem years ago to use the regenerative and anti-inflammatory attributes of stem cells to aid in his fight for fitness.

The positive results he experienced enabled David to stay strong in the gym, now into his 60s, and that is why he continues to support our clinic to this day.

Read about Dave's experience here

Dr. Cona, David Lyons

Eddie Hall

Age: 33
Chronic Inflammation
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"The treatment was absolutely amazing. Dr. Cona talked me through the whole procedure and kept me relaxed the entire time."

Eddie's final thoughts about treatment

The first I noticed is my nails, and they are growing much much faster. The second thing was my skin; I started to see a healthier glow and quality. I also noticed that my arm hair is growing faster.

 My receding hairline has dramatically improved. I am no longer self-conscious about my hair. Just these last few months, my hip and bicep feel dramatically better than before.

 I feel better about myself, I have more energy, I am able to get up and go more often, and I can function on less sleep. I am confident to give it a thumbs up, stem cell therapy treatments really do work.

Watch Eddie's full review here

Eddie Hall in treatment room
Eddie Hall with Dr. Cona

Charlie W.

Age: 69
Treatment Goals: Slow progression of disease
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"The whole experience could not have more professional."

Charlie's testimonial

The whole experience could not have more professional. All of the people are outstanding. I have ALS- a fatal disease with no treatment and basically no hope.

DVC has recently been treating ALS patients with success in getting the symptoms to stop progressing and some success at gaining improvement.  It has been 4 weeks since my treatment. At present I have not gone further downhill and have shown some minor improvement. This is a major accomplishment for an ALS patient.

View the full testimonial on Google.

Andreas G.

Age: 52
Multiple Sclerosis
Year Diagnosed: 2007
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Today, a week after treatment, I can say it was the right decision!"

Andreas's treatment experience

First day: medical history, acupuncture, massage, formalities

Second day: Vitamin infusion, 300 million intravenous stem cells, acupuncture, massage, lunch

Third day: debriefing, 2-month pack of stem cell preservation supplements.

Friendly, clean, competent and professional staff. German-speaking friendly nurse Daniela, Dr. Cona is very competent, professional and friendly, you are in good hands here.

1 week post-treatment: Today the first physiotherapy after the stem cells already showed the first improvements, foot lifters, leg lifters, abductors work better, leg press + 15kg more, did not have to sit down and relax after the physiotherapy as usual for 15 minutes before I dragged myself to the car.

Patient Image

Priscilla M.

Age: 77
Condition: Inclusion Body Mitosis
Treatment Goals: Regenerate muscle tissue and improve strength
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"The clinic is wonderful and everyone so kind."

Priscilla's testimonial

I have been diagnosed with IBM and after much research decided to try stem cell and chose DVC which uses umbilical cord stem cells.  I didn’t want to use my own obviously faulty cells.  They made me undergo numerous lab work and tests and once approved have not regretted my decision.

The clinic is wonderful and everyone so kind as I was quite anxious the day of my treatment. Dr. Cona, Danielle, Christine, Rob and Prashant along with their physio, acupuncturist and masseuse were all amazing and so reassuring.  

Now that the treatment is over I am hoping I will start seeing some changes. So far I have noticed my circulatory system is greatly improved.  The treatment took place two weeks ago so it’s early days.  I know the rest will take time and work on my part with exercise, keeping a non inflammatory diet and a positive mind.

View the full testimonial on Facebook.

3-month update:

My circulation has totally improved and no longer taking thyroid medication. Will be tested again in a few months. My finger strength sees no improvement and my muscle strength is very stable. Overall I’m feeling great.

Alexandra B.

Age: 25
Crohn's Disease
Year Diagnosed: 2013
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Dr. Cona and his staff were the answer to all of my prayers!"

Alexandra's story

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and had been gravely ill for 8 years with no relief until I found DVC Stem.

I received 300 million umbilical cord derived stem cells and the very next day I noticed a major improvement in many of my debilitating symptoms.

I’m a little over 3 months into this journey and have only continued to improve day to day.

I have been able to continue in my studies and cut medications in half. The experience at DVC Stem has been 5 stars from the very beginning. Every member of staff is happy and eager to please.

Patient Case Study

Case presentation: We report a case of a 25-year-old Caucasian American woman previously diagnosed as having Crohn’s Disease. She had been diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2011, and was also presenting adrenal and thyroid issues, as well as anemia related to gastrointestinal bleeding. She was treated with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell implantation protocol.

Case conclusions: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell implantations led to significant improvement in bowel movements, abdominal discomfort, and blood per rectum. The subject was able to cease steroid medications following treatment and note a sustained increase in quality of life.

View the full case study here

Tyler H.

Age: 40
Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"The cool thing about the Cayman Islands besides being beautiful, it was an opportunity to get some rest and relaxation allowing my body to heal and restore. I'm back in the US now and feel like I am ready to conquer the world."

Tyler's experience

3 months post-treatment:

"People are coming up to me saying I am moving, talking and smiling so much better.

They are noticing a lot of things that have improved over the course of 3 months.

This morning I was able to do things that I was unable to do before, I was able to stand up and lift my leg higher than I ever have before.

5 months post-treatment:

I'm able to smile better, I have more control over the left side of my face. I have an increased ability to grip, lift my legs higher and higher which has gone well."

View Tyler's story here

Patient with Dr. Cona

Matthew M.

Age: 37
Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

""Thanks so much for everything! Your facility is truly top not notch!""

Matthew's experience

Matthew was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. MS, typically characterized by damage throughout the brain and spinal cord can be detrimental towards strength, balance, coordination and mobility.

Matthew is an extremely optimistic patient, he is tracking his progress via video logs some of which we have included in his patient case study.

View Matthew's experience here

DVC Stem patient
DVC Stem patients family

Janice G.

Age: 74
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"From the moment I went into the clinic to receive stem cells I felt like I was with family. I have never met such sincere devoted medical people in my life."

Janice's testimonial

"DVC Stem's team truly believe within your heart to want to do good for mankind. I felt so fortunate to have heard of them and be able to try them.

It was a gamble I was taking as I am handicapped with my breathing and I’ve always believed in life nothing ventured nothing gained. If I have a chance, I know that I have taken it with DVC stem and Louis Cona and his team.

I did quite a bit research before I left and I felt within my heart that this was my best chance to achieve a better life.

I want to thank them for everything that they have done and they given me a chance especially since I am a senior."

Patient Image

Michael M.

Age: 56
Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Before stems he was using a walking stick and had a hard time just standing still without holding onto something to balance.  Since stems, not only has he been walking without assistance, he is skimming the pool, shooting hoops, bending down and getting himself back up, and a lot of other small things he has not been able to do in a long time."

Mike's testimonial

Fantastic experience at DVC!  The entire staff was friendly and professional and the center was clean and well maintained.  Dr. Cona was
knowledgeable and answered all our questions without hesitation.  Frank and the others involved in the treatment process were well informed and were there for whatever we needed as well.  Everything flowed nicely from start to finish.

For us, stem cells were actually a cheaper option than the Dr. recommended MS therapies that showed no promise of improvements, only the hope of halting the disease process in the current stage.

My husbands treatment was on 2/24/21.  Since the very next day, we have seen improvements in gait, balance, energy and stress.  These are all huge because gait and balance improvements are helping him to avoid falls.  He had 5 falls in February and has had none since treatment.

Before stems he was using a walking stick and had a hard time just standing still without holding onto something to balance.  Since stems, not only has he been walking without assistance, he is skimming the pool, shooting hoops, bending down and getting himself back up, and a lot of other small things he has not been able to do in a long time.

We're only a month out, so hoping to see even more improvements over the days and months ahead.

View Mike's updated progress here

Paul & Maria

Age: 27 / 45
Anti-Aging / Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300M Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Please, give them the opportunity to change lives just like they changed my moms life."

Paul's testimonial

I brought my mother here for a progressive MS diagnosis that caused her to lose full use of her right arm and hand.

The nerves in her right arm were hypersensitive making it impossible to touch the skin let alone go outside and simply be in the sun, for 5 years.

Before treatment she was debilitated, staying home on medication, and in an immense amount of pain everyday.

After flying out to Grand Cayman my mother began her treatment on April 21st. 8 hours after she completed her treatment was completed she was able to open her hand, which she previously could not move at all. She was moving her fingers, feeling sensation in each finger, moving her hand around, and best of all- the nerve pain in her arm was completely GONE. Just 8 hours after treatment.

I am beyond excited to see how much more she will progress over the coming months, but even if no progress is made this alone gave her her life back and her ability to be outside and do normal things.

Robert, Frank, and Dr. Cona were the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and they wholeheartedly care about every detail pertaining to their clients and the process. They treated us like family and tended to anything we needed throughout the whole process. I am beyond grateful for everything and I can not recommend them all enough.

Please, give them the opportunity to change lives just like they changed my moms life. I got the procedure done as well (I’m 27) for an anti-aging regiment, and so far I have seen improvements in energy, ulnar nerve pain, joint pain, and I’m waiting to see how it improves my Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. No promises were made there, but if it helps my thyroid issues as well that would be amazing, I’ll update here!

Again, thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me and my mother I’m beyond grateful!

View Maria's post-treatment progress here

Stem cell patients

Chris C.

Age: 60
Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"You are just not another patient to Dr. Cona or his team, trust me, they care about your well being. Dr. Cona in my mind is a special individual and thats what the MS community needs....."

Chris' Testimonial

To all MS patients considering treatment,

I thought I'd write to give MS patients a clear understanding on what to expect and share my experiences so far. I reached out to DVC Stem after hearing about the success they have had with treating MS Patients.

My personal MS story is one of progressing symptoms and I really wanted to stabilize my progression from going any further. At the time of treatment in March of 2021 my MS was close to putting me in a wheelchair. I still was walking but using 2 walking sticks to aide in my movements.

Before the treatment started I had many discussions with the DVC Stem team. Dr Cona, his son Frank, and Rob went above and beyond in every aspect explaining the process for me and my wife. Seriously there cannot be a better team or medical staff that I've ever experienced. A first class operation in every aspect.

As to the treatment itself I arrived barely able to walk in the building. Five days later after treatment I walked a mile from Camana Bay back to the hotel a mile away. Before that walking 100 yards was a challenge. So for the first month after treatment the results were astounding for us. I even after the first month quit using the walking sticks and walked unaided whenever possible. Months 2 and 3 leveled off a bit and I went back to using the walking sticks when needed. For me my MS has definitely not progressed and I would say that I'm about 20-25% better in all aspects of my MS symptoms.

It's been 3 months now since treatment and I'm going to start an aggressive exercise swim program to see how much exercise will help my condition. I'll report back at the end of 6 months, but at the 3 month mark I'm 100% convinced that the stem cells not only helped but it also stopped my progression.I feel strongly that this treatment will help MS patients and if any of you should want additional info reach out to me.

My wife and I will consider Dr Cona and his team friends for life and it changed my outlook into this terrible disease for sure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone with MS.

Patient Chris with Dr. Cona & DVC Stem Director, Frank

Robert P.

Age: 75
Intelligent Aging
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"After the stem cells I now have 60% more movement than I had 30 years ago. My sense of wellbeing has greatly improved. I highly recommend my whole experience at DVC Stem."

Roberts' Testimonial

I had stem cells at DVC stem 3 months ago when my wife was being treated for a rare blood disorder. I had arthritis in my hands and feet, left hip and left knee. I now have no signs of arthritis anywhere. My left knee had very little movement before the stem cells because of an operation I had on cruciate and arterial ligaments.

After the stem cells I now have 60% more movement than I had 30 years ago. My sense of wellbeing has greatly improved. I highly recommend my whole experience at DVC Stem.

Dr. Cona and all of his staff were exceptional in the attention to detail and the way they treat their patients. They made us feel so comfortable and addressed all of our questions very patiently and professionally. The clinic was immaculate with a very calming energy.

Thank you DVC stem. You gave me my wife back and improved my own health in a way I didn't think was possible.

Margie P.

Age: 69
POEMS syndrome
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"My breathing has improved at least 50%. I have not been admitted to the hospital once since stem cells. I have come off all of my conventional medication."

Margies' Testimonial

It is now three months since I had my stem cell treatment at DVC Stem. I have a rare blood disorder called POEMS Syndrome.

Before I had stem cell therapy my energy levels, strength, motivation, balance, stamina was 50% worse than it is now. I could not drive a car or go to any doctors appointments on my own.

I can now drive the car and go to appointments on my own. I can also walk 100 yards on my own before I have to rest. I can also walk up 16 steep stairs in front of our house unaided that I could not do before. I can do household chores like cooking, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, having a shower unaided and keeping things tidy that I could not do before.

Before stem cells I spent most of my day in bed and found it very difficult to get up and do anything. My breathing has improved at least 50%. I have not been admitted to the hospital once since stem cells. I have come off all of my conventional medication. I am now hopeful that the stem cells will keep working and I will have more improvement.  

Thank you DVC Stem so much for all the care you have taken in my treatment. I would highly recommend DVC Stem!

Kind regards Margie

Aaron C.

Age: 60
Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"For professional and caring staff. Couldn't have asked for a better experience."

Aaron's Testimonial

Onboarding Process:
The process was very detailed and well defined. Although a little bit lengthy process, each step served a purpose as a detailed patient study.

Staff Service:
For professional and caring staff. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Excellent facility and overall great care.

Treatment Experience:
I loved the fact that Dr. Cona showed me a picture of the actual stem cells that was going to be infused into me. He was probably one of the most transparent and honest doctors I have ever met. Top notch doctor, and a great person as well.

Experience in Grand Cayman:
Awesome Island, and would love to come back for a real vacation in the near future. The food was great and really good people as well.

Doug A.

Age: 45
Stroke Recovery
‍‍Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"We are so thankful for Dr. Cona and this stem cell treatment!"

Doug's Testimonial

My husband went to DVC stem for a stem cell treatment after a severe stroke in January of 2020. Dr. Cona and his staff were wonderful, they went above and beyond to accommodate us and make us feel at home while in office for treatment. We are so thankful for Dr. Cona and this stem cell treatment! Thank you!

3-month update:

Doug has improved in his walking speed and gait, he seems to be able to move with his walker more consistently. He is also more aware of his memory loss post stroke, but it able to retain new information a little quicker, so that is promising.

6-month update:

We continue to see improvement with Doug, his personality is really beginning to shine through more and more, and he is following more in conversation and engaging us with more questions.

Olivia S.

Condition: Crohn's DIsease, Ankylosing Spondylitis
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Reduced pain overall in my body"

3-month update:

I no longer have lower back stiffness in the night at all, which is no 1 indicator for AS. Bowel movements have returned to 90% normalcy, I no longer have stomach aches after eating food. Complete recovery from brain fog - I cannot believe how clear my mind is. Very little anxiety. Increased energy. Increased mood overall and increased flexibility.

MRI May 27 2022 shows improvements in right SI joint edema. Left SI joint edema appears to be slowing, though a minor increase noted compared to 2020 imaging. Bulging disks in lumbar spine seem to have largely dissipated since Nov 2021 imaging.

Susan A.

Condition: Kidney Disease / COPD
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

"Wheezing resolved within one month.

3-month update:

Uncontrolled crying since 2017 stroke completely resolved in first week. Anemia improved within one month. Hemoglobin 11.4 on 4/1/22. Wheezing resolved within one month. Chills greatly improved within one month. CRP somewhat improved to 8.66 on 4/1/22.

Mike B.

Condition: Type 1 Diabetes / Asthma
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

3-month update:

Lost Neuropathy in left foot and leg stopped taking inhaler and asthma pills also able to breathe and not be winded going up steps. I also stop taken medication for Acid reflux.

Richard M.

Condition: ALS
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

3-month update:

Less choking. His speaking is clearer and stronger. Able to eat more variety of foods. Drinking and swallowing has improved. Less muscle stiffness. Less cramps and tremors. Balance has improved and walking has improved. Have not shown any signs of decline in health.

Chandra M.

Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

3-month update:

Less pain in my feet. Less stiffness in the morning. Less fatigued.

Lisa P.

Condition: Multiple Sclerosis
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

3-month update:

I feel tired now, rather than fatigued as before. I feel more alert, clearer thinking. Random improvements in daily functionality such as being more balanced whilst dressing.

6-month update:

Late January I started to feel much more energized and capable, which motivated me to extend my rehab program which was great initially.

9-month update:

I started to feel more energized late January this year, the feeling still continues, and I am 9 months post treatment. Late February I loaded my damaged left knee badly through too much exercise, and have suffered painful inflammation since, but in spite of this I have been able to work through taxing physiotherapy treatment exercises, I am getting stronger, I have more stamina and many people comment on how much better I looking.

Dalton H.

Condition: Lyme Disease
Treatment Protocol: 300 million Cord Tissue-Derived MSCs

6-month update:

Amazing difference thank you very much. I have My life back

Patient Success Stories

Our patients often provide progress videos, blog posts and testimonials to showcase their improvements after treatment. View our collection of content provided by previous DVC Stem patients!

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We are one of the world's highest rated stem cell clinics

"What a professional group of personnel: from the lovely ladies at the front desk, to Dr. Cona who administered the 300 million stem cells introduced this morning! Everyone kept up with how I was feeling and my vital signs. I look forward to every day to see what improvement each day reveals due to the stem cells' activity!"

- Linda R.

5 stars image

Brandon W.

"Dr. Cona and his staff have been amazing throughout this process, I can never repay the people at DVC"

5 stars image

Darren R.

Dr. Cona, Frank and the entire staff truly care about what they do. Great facility!!!

5 stars image

Debbie P.

I went to DVC six months ago for MS and have had fantastic results all starting within my first week after the infusion.  All neuropathy is gone, spasticity 80%+ better, much more energy/endurance, much less fatigue/weakness, improved balance/coordination, and some improvement in bladder/bowel functions.  The clinic is sterile; the staff professional and skilled.  Personable Dr. Cona knows what he is doing!  Even though I still have MS and have had physical/stressful challenges since my treatment, I never lost anything that has been restored, and still feel the cells are continuing to work!

5 stars image

Elizabeth S.

I am an experienced stem cell user as I’ve had them 3 times, first in the US and then in Panama and most recently at DVC.

DVC Stem in concert with Vitro Biopharma has provided me with the best experience and product.

You get to meet and talk directly with the knowledgeable Dr. Cona and the care and detailed follow up shows their commitment to meeting the needs of the patient.