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Disclaimer: Our clinical trials are patient funded. Treatment costs start at $20,000 USD. Travel & accommodation are not included in the base price.

Our treatment protocol calls for the systemic administration of 300M cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells via IV. This treatment is anti-inflammatory and regenerative, affecting the whole body. Therapy can be highly effective for chronic inflammation, degenerative conditions, and general wear and tear. DVC Stem does not specialize in site joint injections.

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Patient Disclaimer
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Capable of international travel?

DVC Stem is located in Grand Cayman. Candidate must be physically, mentally and legally able to travel internationally for treatment.

Patient Candidacy
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Please select at least one option.

Is the candidate pregnant or at risk of being so?

Patient Candidacy
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Taking immunosuppressive drugs?

This includes but not limited to: Calcineurin Inhibitors: Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine Antiproliferative agents: Mycophenolate Mofetil, Mycophenolate Sodium and Azathioprine

Patient Candidacy
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Please select at least one option.
Cancer diagnosis?

Is candidate currently diagnosed with any type of cancer?

Patient Candidacy
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Active or chronic infection?

This includes HIV1, HIV2, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

Patient Candidacy
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Current medical condition

Please choose a category that best represents your current condition. If applicable please also indicate your current medical diagnosis; including the year diagnosed

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Condition History
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Medical history

Please describe your current symptoms and medical history. Providing detailed information will help speed up the application proccess.

Current symptoms / medical history
Condition History
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Treatment goals

Please include a brief description of what you hope to achieve with treatment. This will help our medical team better understand your unique goals.

What are your treatment goals?
Treatment goals
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Candidate information

Please include full name, age and gender.

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Candidate Information
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Contact information

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You are now one step closer to a better quality of life. Our Medical Director will review your application and respond with either an approval to continue or a request for further information.

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