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Patient Success Stories - Jennifer

Multiple Sclerosis patient Jennifer chose DVC Stem for her third stem cell treatment.

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Patient Success Stories - Jennifer

Louis A. Cona, MD
Updated on
Dec 13, 2022

Multiple Sclerosis patient Jennifer chose DVC Stem for her third stem cell treatment. She wanted to visit a reputable and transparent clinic that would answer her questions about therapy as well as regularly follow up with her progress post-treatment.

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Showcasing Jen's improvements after treatment.

Jennifer received 300 million mesenchymal stem cells derived from ethically donated full term human umbilical cords. These are some of the most potent stem cells in regenerative medicine and have been shown to have significant positive effects of a range of conditions. The cells are sourced from US-based, FDA-registered lab Vitro Biopharma, located in Golden, CO. The treatment is designed to target and reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration.

The video above showcases Jen's improvements after treatment. Her balance has improved, and months after treatment she is now able to perform single leg lifts (assisted) during physiotherapy. We look forward to hearing more about Jen's post-treatment progress.

My wife Jennifer Stergio Hall  just finished her treatment and wow were we impressed. The facilities are very clean, the staff is extra friendly, professional, and willing to listen and answer questions. Dr. Kona was awesome as well, he truly believes in these treatments,  and his confidence is comforting. We have been to another stem cell clinic and the two major differences are the amount of cell you receive, and this clinic does viability testing to verify the amount of cells you are receiving. If you are considering this treatment, then strongly consider DVC Stem.  We are willing to answer any questions you may have if needed just send me a message - Ben (Jennifers husband)

UPDATE: JUNE, 2020 - 3 Months Post-Treatment

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER, 2020 - 6 Months Post-Treatment

Stem cell therapy for MS

Stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis has demonstrated great potential.  Culturally expanded mesenchymal stem cells derived from perinatal tissues may promote healing and repair in the body, there can be quite a significant regenerative increase in Multiple Sclerosis patients. Patients may be able to expect an increase in energy, flexibility, strength, mobility and control of basic function. Mesenchymal stem cells also have the ability to regulate the immune system. This ability may allow mesenchymal stem cells to control the body's immune response leading to a reduction in symptoms. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) represent an attractive alternative to develop a cell-based therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive treatment that aims to replace damaged cells within the body.  Mesenchymal stem cell therapy can be deployed systemically via IV or injected locally to target specific sites, depending on patient needs.

Stem cells target inflammation

The therapeutic uses of stem cells as a potential therapy for a variety of diseases has been immensely explored, the number of clinical trials conducted with Mesenchymal Stem Cells has increased exponentially over the past few years. (1)

Stem cells have a unique, intrinsic property that attracts them to inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that stem cells can regenerate damaged or diseased tissues, reduce inflammation and modulate the immune system promoting better health and quality of life. Mesenchymal stem cells do this by influencing tissue repair via paracrine effects (cell signaling in order to change the behaviour of existing cells) or direct cell-to-cell contact.

"MSCs are able to migrate and seed specifically into damaged tissue sites, where they can differentiate into functional cells to replace damaged or diseased cells" (4)


(1) Mao, Fei, et al. “Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Therapeutic Applications in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.” Oncotarget, Impact Journals LLC, 6 June 2017,

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