Redefining Medicine with Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Leading Safe & Innovative MSC Therapy: Be part of our groundbreaking IRB-approved treatment protocol at our Cayman Islands clinic using 300 million US manufactured GMP culture-expanded umbilical cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells.
Find Out If You are a Candidate
Find Out If You are a Candidate
Clinical Study & MSC Treatment



DVC Stem is pioneering the MSC therapy space with our patient-funded, IRB-approved clinical study exploring the effects of cord tissue-derived MSCs on chronic low-grade inflammation. Our protocol involves intravenous infusion of 300 million culturally expanded MSCs, aiming to revolutionize treatments for various degenerative conditions.

Treatment Administration & Process

Redefining Patient


Our highly experienced medical team administers MSCs via a non-invasive intravenous injection. The treatment process involves a series of steps from arrival to departure over a span of five days, promising minimal downtime and a comfortable patient experience supervised by our medical team.

Regulated Quality & Efficacy Goals



Our MSC product adheres to the highest quality standards, manufactured in partnership with a top-quality FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO-certified lab in the U.S., ensuring superior safety, quality, and purity. Our primary goal is a significant reduction in inflammation levels, backed by MSC's intrinsic property to reduce inflammation and modulate the immune system.

UC-MSC Therapy

A New Frontier in Regenerative Healthcare

We invite you to experience the unparalleled care and support provided by our dedicated team.

We are devoted to ensuring the best possible outcomes through our cutting-edge treatment protocols in a pristine and soothing atmosphere.

High Quality Stem Cells

We provide top-quality mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a US-based cGMP lab, ensuring safety, treatment efficacy, and immunomodulatory potential.

Quantifiable Results

Achieving 85% success rate, our treatment protocol demonstrates symptom improvements within three months post-treatment, based on preliminary study data.

300M UC-MSCs Administered

Our rigorous viability testing guarantees a minimum of 300 million live umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells per patient.

Established Since 2009

Louis A. Cona MD leads our IRB-approved patient-funded clinical study using UC-MSCs (Trial HPC/CTR/003).

A Pathway Towards Improved Health & Longevity

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are one of the most researched types of cells for regenerative therapies. MSCs are adult stem cells that have self-renewal, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, signaling, and differentiation properties.

Industry-leading Stem Cells

These regenerative effects of mesenchymal stem cells make them a potent treatment for a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory medical conditions making our standardized protocol ideal for a wide range of patients.

Strengthen Your Body's Restorative Potential

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) provide regenerative results by seeking out areas of damage, paracrine signaling, regulating immune responses, and positively affecting human microbiology.

Regulate the Immune System

Viable (live) MSCs can provoke complex immunomodulatory mechanisms that can regulate and "calm" an overactivated immune system seen in many autoimmune conditions.

Locate and reduce areas of inflammation

MSCs exert therapeutic effects by cell “enhancement”, through the release of trophic and anti-inflammatory factors, which may improve the physiological environment.

Replace damaged and diseased cells

MSCs find areas of damage and can differentiate (become) a variety of different cell types. This function can improve scarring and improve organ function throughout the body.

Positively Affecting Human Microbiology

Recent research suggests that MSCs can interact with the body's microbiota. These interactions may influence the therapeutic effects of MSCs.

Cell-to-Cell Communication

MSCs secrete a variety of bioactive molecules, including growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular vesicles. These molecules interact with surrounding cells, promoting pro-survival signaling, enhancing angiogenesis, reducing oxidative stress, and modulating inflammatory responses, thereby facilitating tissue healing and repair.




Research in the field of regenerative medicine has been steadily growing in recent years, with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) emerging as a promising candidate for various therapeutic applications.

One of the key characteristics of several disease conditions, including but not limited to neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune disorders, and other inflammatory conditions, is inflammation. Inflammation is a defensive response triggered by the body's immune system to protect against harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.

Interestingly, research has found that MSCs exhibit anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. They show the capacity to target and modulate inflammatory responses.







Cardiovascular Disease

Crohn's Disease

Chronic Inflammation


Diabetes (Type 1)



Heart Failure

Kidney Disease

Liver Disease


Lyme Disease

Multiple Sclerosis



Parkinson's Disease

Post COVID-19 Syndrome

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Rheumatoid Artrtitis

Spinal Cord Injury

Stroke (Ischemic & Hemorrhagic)

Traumatic Brain Injury

Ulcerative Colitis

+ other inflammatory conditions

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US Sourced MSCs

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IRB-Approved Protocol

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Safe, Luxurious Location

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You’re in charge

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Up to 70 km autonomy
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3.5 hours charging time
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Uncompromised Cell Quality.

At DVC Stem, we're continually pushing therapeutic boundaries, making us a leading stem cell provider. Crafting the ideal MSC treatment is a meticulous and resource-intensive journey from tissue procurement to final cell-banking, with various challenges along the way.

We overcome these challenges, utilizing hMSCs sourced from carefully screened, healthy donors.

Following a proprietary and validated manufacturing procedure, the hMSCs are isolated, amplified, banked, and rigorously validated for safety, MSC identity, and functional efficacy.

Our care for manufacturing quality ensures an experimental starting point you can trust, providing reproducible and consistent outcomes.

Leading the Way in Stem Cell Research and Treatment: Welcome to our Cayman Islands

At our cutting-edge facility based in the idyllic Cayman Islands, we are pioneering the field of stem cell research and treatment. We offer an IRB-approved, patient-driven clinical study focused on harnessing the therapeutic potential of umbilical cord tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).

Take an insider look into our facility, partner resorts and our beautiful island paradise below.

Our Team

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Trusted by over 1000 patients worldwide

We only offer treatments for conditions that have medical research backing positive results and no harmful side effects. Hundreds of studies have shown the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases. View some of our most notable patient testimonials below or you can view all patient testimonials here.

Testimonial Image

"It has been 4 weeks since my treatment.  At present I have not gone further downhill and have shown some minor improvement.  This is a major accomplishment for an ALS patient."

Charles W.

Testimonial Image

"The treatment was absolutely amazing. Dr. Cona talked me through the whole procedure and kept me relaxed the entire time."

Eddie Hall

Chronic Inflammation / Intelligent Aging
Testimonial Image

"From the moment I went into the clinic to receive stem cells I felt like I was with family. I have never met such sincere devoted medical people in my life."

Janice G.

Testimonial Image

"Less pain in my feet. Less stiffness in the morning. Less fatigued."

Chandra M.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Testimonial Image

They treated me like family and tended to anything we needed throughout the whole process. I am beyond grateful for everything and I can not recommend them all enough.

Maria A.

Multiple Sclerosis / Neuropathy
Testimonial Image

"I have been able to cut my spasticity meds in half as I have less spasms, tremors, and stiffness in many areas of my body."

Debbie P.

Multiple Sclerosis
Testimonial Image

"I decided to try DVC stem cell clinic . For me it was an absolute miracle the cough quickly went away and I could breathe normally within two weeks plus I felt fantastic."

Ron A.

Testimonial Image

"Dr. Cona and his staff were wonderful, they went above and beyond to accommodate us and make us feel at home while in office for treatment. We are so thankful for Dr. Cona and this stem cell treatment! Thank you!"

Douglas A.

Stroke Recovery
Testimonial Image

"For us, stem cells were actually a cheaper option than the Dr. recommended MS therapies. Since the very next day, we have seen improvements in gait, balance, energy and stress.  These are all huge because gait and balance improvements are helping him to avoid falls."

Michael M.

Multiple Sclerosis
Testimonial Image

"I have noticed that my speech seems to be better not quite as much stuttering I feel that my left side doesn’t drag when I walk hardly at all now my shaking in my hand left side is maybe a little bit worse than three months ago"

Darren J.

Parkinson's Disease
Testimonial Image

"Amazing difference thank you very much.
I have my life back"

Dalton H.

Lyme Disease
Testimonial Image

"I saw a substantial increase in energy levels, strength, coordination, balance and motivation up to four weeks after treatment. My physical therapist remarked on how well I was walking. My right leg was moving just like my left leg without any spasticity or hitch in my step.

Kerri L.

Multiple Sclerosis
Testimonial Image

"Less choking. His speaking is clearer and stronger. Able to eat more variety of foods. Drinking and swallowing has improved. Less muscle stiffness. Less cramps and tremors. Balance has improved and walking has improved. Have not shown any signs of decline in health."

Richard M.

Testimonial Image

"Less pain. More mobility"

Walter A.

Intelligent Aging
Testimonial Image

"Uncontrolled crying since 2017 stroke completely resolved in first week. Anemia improved within one month. Wheezing resolved within one month. Chills greatly improved within one month.

Susan A.

Kidney Disease
Testimonial Image

"Lost Neuropathy in left foot and leg stopped taking inhaler and asthma pills also able to breathe and not be winded going up steps. I also stop taken medication for Acid reflex."

Michael B.

Type 1 Diabetes
Testimonial Image

"Flexibility and range of motion in lower back and left shoulder/neck area has improved significantly. Energy level is consistently high and balance has increased dramatically. No blood test to date, but results to follow."

Ann W.

Liver Disease

Patient Onboarding


Step 1

Apply for Treatment

A brief screening form that will allow us to determine if you are a good candidate to begin the pre-treatment process. You can begin the process here.

Step 2

Complete Patient Intake Forms

These forms are used to collect PHI used to assess eligibility and ensure treatment safety and efficacy. This step is essential to ensure we can provide the best treatment possible for you.

Step 3

Complete Prerequisites

We must collect your medical history in conjunction with a lab/imaging panels. This is a requirement of our IRB approval, and is used to assess treatment eligibility, ensure safety and create a baseline.

Step 4

Submit Information

Once all Prerequisites are completed; every patient must submit the information to our medical team for final review and treatment clearance. Once approved; a treatment date can then be scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of the most common questions about our clinic, protocols, and stem cells.

Where is DVC Stem located?

DVC Stem is located in the beautiful island paradise of Grand Cayman. We are only a short 45-minute flight from Miami & our clinic is situated directly across from the world-famous Seven Mile Beach.  We have partnerships with multiple resorts within walking distance of the clinic and can offer patients preferred rates during their stay in the Cayman Islands.

Is your treatment protocol safe?

Yes, we have not had any patients report harmful side effects from treatment or a worsening of their condition. Uncommon short-term side effects immediately following the cell transplant have been fatigue, headache, and nausea. These effects normally subside between 1-2 hours.  Additionally, adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells have been found safe in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

What makes DVC Stem different from clinics in the United States?

Despite the overwhelmingly positive clinical evidence, the United States still has very strict regulations and laws against stem cell treatments. While you may find many clinics in the US offer “stem cell therapies”, these therapies are highly restricted in scope and number of cells used.

It is currently not legal to administer expanded allogeneic treatment inside the US. The expansion is what allows the high cell numbers needed for effective treatment.

Although our partner lab, which is a fully FDA-registered facility, is located in the US our IRB-approved clinical trials must be conducted abroad. Patients must be able to travel to our clinic located in Grand Cayman (GCM), a safe British overseas territory located about 45 minutes south of Miami via air.

How do I know if I am a candidate for treatment?

We require all prospective patients to fill out our patient screening/application form. This will allow our medical director to better understand your candidacy for treatment as well as what you hope to achieve with stem cell therapy.

If you are ready to begin the process you can apply for treatment here.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of treatment is $25,000 USD.  We do offer interest-free financing (up to 14 months) for US residents via our partner Advance Care Card.  You can learn more about our pricing here.

What are the current COVID-19 travel restrictions?

All travel restrictions have been removed. All travelers both vaccinated and unvaccinated can enter the Cayman Islands freely without any restrictions or travel approval.

IRB-approved protocol

Ready to get started?

Complete our brief screening application to find out if you are a candidate for treatment.

Find Out If You are a Candidate