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We are still accepting patients. Read about our COVID-19 statement here.

We are still accepting patients. Read about current travel restrictions here.


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Cayman Islands Inbound Travel & Quarantine Information

The borders of the Cayman Islands are in a phased reopening process, which will expand within the next couple of months. This means that the airport is open but travel must be approved by the Cayman Islands Government & all visitors must participate in a mandatory 14 day quarantine. This can be at a residence (Airbnb) of your own choosing but must also be approved by the Cayman Islands Government prior to your trip.

Currently, those wishing to enter the Cayman Islands must purchase a ticket through Cayman Airways or British Airways, as well as be approved for travel via the online portal.

Travellers who have not completed this process and travellers who have not received authorization to travel will not be permitted to board a flight.

We are still working with patients who are in the pre-treatment process, and those with completed packages will have the option of receiving treatment here in the Cayman Islands as long as they follow quarantine procedures.

We have outlined the process into 4 steps below:

Step 1: Book a flight through Cayman Airways or British Airways

Flights are currently available via either Cayman Airways (through Miami) or British Airways (through London).

Your flight must be booked directly through either of these two airlines. Please do not book any flights with a third party travel agents as they will not be valid.

Cayman Airways
USA - Toll - 305-266-4141, Toll Free - 1-800-422-9626

British Airways

Step 2: Book your quarantine accommodation

This section covers information relating to the COVID-19 quarantine process for inbound travellers to the Cayman Islands.

It is important to follow these restrictions for the entire quarantine period even if you do not have any symptoms. This will help to protect our community and control any spread of COVID-19.

All in-bound travellers are required to:
Provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of intended travel and again on day 15 of quarantine; and remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days, after which a day 15 negative test result and sign off by the Medical Officer of Health is required for the quarantine period to cease.

Allow 24-72 hours for off-boarding process, this includes a negative test result and return of monitoring equipment.

There are three quarantine options:
Quarantine at a government sponsored facility
Quarantine at residence (Hotel or Airbnb), wearing a device with monitoring technology

Travellers must choose one of these quarantine options when they apply to Travel Cayman and will be notified by Travel Cayman that their approved quarantine option has been secured.

Quarantining at residence means that traveler has agreed to:
- Wear a Stay Safe Cayman smart wristband
- Quarantine in an approved location
- Remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days, after which a negative test result and sign-off by the Medical Officer of Health will be required in order for your quarantine period to end.
- Allow 24-72 hours for off-boarding process, this includes a negative test result and return of monitoring equipment.

You must have suitable acommodation booked prior to applying for approval with Travel Time Cayman.
Accommodation must be booked prior to applying for approval with Travel Time Cayman.

We would recommend utilizing these websites when looking for accommodation:


Step 3: Apply for approval via Travel Time Cayman

This is extremely important, all persons wishing to travel inbound to Grand Cayman must apply via the Travel Cayman portal.

Please make sure to indicate that you are travelling for medical purposes. This should ensure that your application is approved in a timely manner.

Travel/COVID-19 Insurance

All in-bound travellers will be required to attest to a statement which confirms: that they possess health insurance which includes COVID-19 coverage, or that they understand the financial risks they are taking, and that they have independent means to cover their medical, accommodation and travel costs

As prescribed, under existing Customs and Border Control legislation, government reserves the right to require that travellers who cannot show means to support themselves during their visit - provide a written guarantee from a sponsor, undertaking that the sponsor will be fully responsible for the costs incurred by the visitor during their stay.

In the event that you or a member of your party tests positive for COVID-19 prior to your travel, you may be required to cancel or postpone your visit.In the event that you test positive for COVID-19 while in the Cayman Islands, you may be required to isolate yourself from the wider community, and this could lead to incurring unexpected accommodation costs. You may not be able to return home on the date that you intended.

Many annual travel insurance policies, or contracts entered into prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, do not cover COVID-19 risks. If you have an insurance policy, please check carefully that COVID-19 risks are covered.Many private or employee health insurance policies only cover medical treatment in your home country, and do not cover expenses associated with accommodation costs and changes to travel plans. You should check that your policy covers your needs.

Step 4: Send us travel / approval confirmation

Please notify our team as soon as your receive approval from The Cayman Islands Government so we can confirm your treatment date.



Airport Process
On arrival at Owen Roberts International Airport, travellers will be fitted with a Stay Safe Cayman electronic smart wristband and issued with a mobile phone running the Stay Safe Cayman app. On arrival at the quarantine at residence location, travellers simply pinpoint the location via the app.

Handling Of Items Imported By Travellers

Incoming travellers are discouraged from leaving suitcases or packages at the airport for collection by others. In order to minimise the risk of contaminated materials inside packages being imported, any items that are left at the airport on arrival are to be held for a minimum of 72 hours before being released to the public. Similarly, in order to minimise the risk to the community, items that have been brought back from overseas must not be passed to other residents during the period of quarantine.

Delivery Of Food And Supplies
While a household is in quarantine, food, medication and essential supplies should be ordered from suppliers who offer contactless payment and delivery. This means paying online or over the phone and having the delivery left outside the front door. There should be no face-to-face/in-person direct contact.You cannot physically collect the supplies until after the person delivering has them left them in your yard or property vicinity. Wear a mask while picking up the delivery.Delivery personnel, relatives and friends are not allowed to enter the home or have physical contact with the occupants while they are in quarantine.

You cannot allow any individual who does not reside in your household to enter your home, or your yard space if you are physically outside of your home at the same time. This includes but is not limited to friends and family, nannies, domestic helpers, work colleagues, service providers, and delivery persons.

Quarantining With Other Household Members
If you live with other people, all members of your household are subject to the same conditions and must quarantine with you for and remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days, after which a negative test result and sign-off by the Medical Officer of Health will be required in order for the quarantine period to end.The mobile compliance team will visit the location before your arrival to fit their wristbands and assign them smart phones.

Quarantining In Condos Or Apartments With Communal Areas
You must stay within your geo-fencing perimeter and not use any communal areas. These include communal yards and communal pools. Using a private outdoor balcony is permitted.

Private Yards And Pools
You are permitted to enter your private yard; no visitors are allowed in the private yard when you are physically outside of your home at the same time.

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