Stem cells and lyme disease

Louis A. Cona M.D.

Stem cells have shown great promise when treating Lyme disease. This article dives into the subject in depth.

Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne illness in the Northern Hemisphere. It is caused by the spread of the bacteria Borrelia through the bite of ticks. If caught early and treated with antibiotics, patients have a good chance of recovery. However, later stage cases can have more severe symptoms, and even cured patients can suffer from post-treatment lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS). Symptoms include fatigue, chronic pain, joint pain, and nervous system issues.

Cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells are harvested from donated umbilical cords. Specifically, DVC Stem uses American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) certified suppliers of full term umbilical cord tissue. These cells are essentially "new" and "unclaimed", making them extremely potent, free from immune rejection, and easily sourced without the need for tissue extraction from the patient. Additionally, they are free from the effects of disease and aging that affect bone or fat derived stem cells.Cord tissue-derived MSCs have been used to treat a wide range of autoimmune and degenerative diseases. When applied systemically through IV deployment, they have the ability to travel the body, seeking out inflammation and damaged tissue for repair. Stem cells have a strong anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. This makes them prime candidates for the treatment of Lyme and PTLDS symptoms.

Patients can expect a reduction in inflammation-related symptoms, reduction in pain, regulation of the immune system, and assistance in eliminating the Borrelia bacteria. Additionally, the effects of treatment last for lengthy periods of time, even halting the progression of symptoms.

DVC Stem is a stem cell therapy pioneer, offering stem cell therapies for years and has become a cornerstone of the medical tourism industry. Located in the tropical paradise of Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean, we offer patients a nearby alternative to traveling long distances and to less ideal locations. Our protocols are IRB approved, and our cells come from regulated, U.S. based, FDA compliant laboratories. We seek to offer the highest quality products, the latest available treatments for a variety of conditions, all combined with a world-class setting and service. Contact us today to request additional information. Request more information about stem cell therapy below:


Tyler explains his experience at DVC Stem in the Cayman Islands.

Tyler is optimistic that he will see positive results post treatment.

"The cool thing about the Cayman Islands besides being beautiful, it was an opportunity to get some rest and relaxation allowing my body to heal and restore. I'm back in the US now and feel like I am ready to conquer the world."

- Tyler Heid


2 weeks post treatment, MS patient Tyler is beginning to see amazing progress. He has been wheelchair bound for the last year and has not been able to move his legs unassisted before now.


Tyler updates about his progress, explaining the amazing response he has been receiving from his friends and family.

"People coming up to me saying I am moving, talking and smiling so much better. They are noticing a lot of things that have improved over the course of 3 months."

"This morning I was able to do things that I was unable to do before, I was able to stand up and lift my leg higher than I ever have before."


5 months post treatment Tyler sends us an update on his progress.

"I'm able to smile better, I have more control over the left side of my face."

"I have an increased ability to grip, lift my legs higher and higher which has gone well."

Tyler is optimistic and on the right track to recovery. We are ecstatic to see his progress and look forward to more updates from him.

"I have an increased ability to grip, lift my legs higher and higher which has gone well."

Tyler Heid - 5 months post treatment

David Lyons

Multiple Sclerosis

Although David Lyons was able to successfully fight Multiple Sclerosis through a strict regimen of diet and exercise, he wanted to ensure he was doing everything he could to stay fit. Multiple Sclerosis can be managed with treatment, but there is currently no cure for the disease. For that reason, David came to DVC Stem years ago to use the regenerative and anti-inflammatory attributes of stem cells to aid in his fight for fitness.

The positive results he experienced enabled David to stay strong in the gym, now into his 60s, and that is why he continues to support our clinic to this day.

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