Transform your life with stem cell therapy

At DVC Stem we have been using stem cell treatments to improve health and comfort for over 10 years. We follow the highest standard, respecting safety & innovation in the delivery and evolution of regenerative and protective medicine.

Stem cells, a pathway towards better health

Our mission is to alleviate symptoms and halt disease progression.  Stem cell research has shown that cellular therapy may have the ability to promote the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue. There have been many positive and exciting outcomes to patients who have had little success with conventional treatments.

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Established since 2009

Our medical director, Dr. Cona has been providing stem cell treatment for over a decade. Our stem cell clinic is IRB reviewed and approved by a board in the United States.
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300 million cells administered

Our therapy protocol calls for 300 million cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells. These are administered either systemically or directly into the affected area.
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Ethically donated cells

We are partnered with Vitro Biopharma, an award-winning medical lab located in Colorado, USA, which is fully FDA registered, cGMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified.
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Quantifiable results

To quantify specific results, our protocol involves testing for certain inflammation markers prior to treatment, and then again at intervals following treatment.

Stem cells, a pathway towards better health

A world renowned stem cell clinic

DVC Stem is a state of the art medical centre that is fully licensed by the Cayman Islands Government. We have treated patients from all over the world, our staff can speak English, Spanish, French, German & Italian. Our clinic is located directly on Seven Mile Beach, beside some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. We offer a private professional experience, our pre-treatment VIP rooms offer patients a high level of comfort during their 2 day therapy.

Can stem cell therapy help with my condition?

DVC Stem uses cutting edge stem cell treatments for a range of conditions. Stem cells are attracted to inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that stem cells can regenerate damaged or diseased tissue, promoting better health and quality of life. Learn more about how stem cell therapy has the ability to treat multiple conditions.


Can stem cell therapy help with my condition?

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You are in good hands

We are a family run clinic with a personable staff. We are extremely welcoming and our facility is easily accessible. We employ a "patient first" mentality and truly believe in bettering the lives of every single individual that we treat. We are extremely proud to be a part of the team here and would love to show you how we can improve your quality of life.

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Performing treatment for over 10 years

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Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible

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Our treatments are safe & non invasive

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USA sourced mesenchymal stem cells

Patient success stories

Patient success stories

It is important for us to collect data from patients before and after treatment. During the process we often receive personalized messages and reviews from our patients. These are some of our most notable patients, read how stem cell therapy has benefited them.

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Lou Ferrigno

Wear & Tear

"The best care I’ve ever received at any clinic in my entire life"

Michael Hammer

Intelligent Aging

"Therapy has made remarkable improvements on my health."

David lyons

Multiple Sclerosis

"The staff is highly skilled and Dr. Lou Cona is a pioneer in his field."

Meet our team of professionals

Meet our medical director

Louis A. Cona M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Cona has been a pioneer in regenerative cell therapy, providing the first stem cell treatments in the Cayman Islands over a decade ago. He continues to research alternative therapies for various medical conditions, and with IRB certified clinical trials, he has treated local and international patients successfully for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation which is part of the overall Aging Process, as well as many other degenerative conditions.​

Dr. Cona is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Practitioners and is also a member of the World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (WAAAM). He is also a recognized member of the British Medical Association, the General Medical Council (UK), the Caribbean College of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Cona is the treatment performing physician for all stem cell therapy patients at DVC Stem.

Dr. Louis A. Cona

We know you may have questions

What type of cells does DVC Stem use?

We administer over 300 million cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells. DVC Stem is partnered with Vitro Biopharma, an award-winning medical laboratory located in Golden, Colorado, USA, which is fully FDA registered, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified. Cells are only sourced from the American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) certified suppliers of full-term, ethically US donated human umbilical cords. The selection of these donated tissues is extremely regulated and strict. All of our cells are expanded using safe and standard protocols and are then flown overnight in sub-zero containers directly to our clinic for immediate treatment. To ensure maximum treatment effectiveness, our cells are expanded to as much as 300 million cells before being administered.

What are mesenchymal stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that have the ability to become many different cell types in the human body.  Stem cells have the ability to replace damaged or diseased tissue. Mesenchymal cord tissue-derived stem cells have an extremely high rate of differentiation and immune modulation.  MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) can provide regenerative results through seeking out areas of damage, paracrine signalling, regulating immune responses, and positively affecting human microbiology. MSCs are also immune privileged meaning the body will not reject them.

Why should I travel abroad for treatment?

Despite the overwhelmingly positive clinical evidence, the United States still has very strict regulations and laws against stem cell treatments. While you may find many clinics in the US offering “stem cell therapies”, these therapies are highly restricted in scope and number of cells used. It is currently not legal to obtain expanded allogeneic treatment inside the US. The expansion is what allows the high cell numbers needed for effective treatment. DVC Stem seeks to provide patients with safe and effective treatments, in a luxurious and beautiful setting.

DVC Stem is located in the beautiful island paradise of Grand Cayman. We are only a short 45 minute flight from Miami & our clinic is situated directly across from the world famous Seven Mile Beach.

What makes DVC Stem different from other clinics?

It is important to note that DVC Stem sources cells from a FDA registered, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified lab in the United States. This means that the patient receives only the highest quality, regulated mesenchymal cord tissue-derived stem cells. We are highly regulated by the Cayman Islands government, and legally able to provide expanded cell therapy.

When looking for a reputable stem cell therapy clinic it is important to ask them; where their cells come from, how many cells you will receive and what sort of treatment protocol they follow. It is important to note that under-regulated clinics can extract stem cells from a variety of sources, not all of which are safe & effective.

What type of results should I expect?

We only offer treatments for conditions that have years of medical research backing positive results with harmful side effects. Dozens of studies have shown the efficacy of stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases, and we have had great success from our past patients.

Our stem cell therapy aims to regenerate degraded tissue, modulate the immune system, promote anti-inflammatory mechanisms and improve overall quality of life.

Patients have reported improvements in energy levels, mobility, strength, balance, symptom management and aesthetics.

How do I begin the treatment process?

We require all prospective patients to fill out our patient application form. This will allow our medical director to better understand your candidacy for treatment as well as what you hope to achieve with stem cell therapy. If you are ready to begin the process you can apply for treatment here.

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Apply for treatment

Fill out our treatment application form. The form is designed to help us understand your treatment goals.


Receive patient packet

If you are eligible for treatment, we will send you a patient packet and assign you a personalised patient ID #.


Take packet to physician

Your home physician will be able to help you acquire all of the necessary medical documents needed.


Schedule treatment date

Send completed packet back to us for review. We will confirm your appointment date and schedule your treatment.

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